Investing in Ausria
Austria in Europe
Since Austria is a member of the European Union, all goods produced in Austria can be freely marketed within the European Union. In addition, services can be provided from Austria in all European Union Member States.

The stable political, economic and social environment in Austria permits long-term investment planning.

Austria is among the 27 Member States of the European Union which have introduced its single currency, the Euro, from the beginning in January 1, 1999, thereby – inter alia – abolishing any risk of exchange rate fluctuation in "Euroland".

Austria has an efficient international road and rail transport network, including water transportation along the Danube. Since the completion of the Rhine-Main-Danube canal, Austria lies on an East-West transverse route across Europe.

Austria has well-trained, reliable employees especially qualified for the production of technically superior goods.

Due to its geographical position and also to its historical links, Austria is the ideal spring-board for economic activities in the countries of Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

The corporate tax rate of 34 % is lower than in many other countries in Europe. Thanks to a dense network of double taxation agreements and the "international affiliation privilege", Austria is also eminently suitable as the headquarters of holding companies.

One region in Austria, the Burgenland, will continue to receive special promotional funds from the European Union as a so-called "target I area" until 2006 so that special financial advantages are available for the establishment of business in this area.